The short answer is, yes! How is it possible that you enter into a beautiful relationship from an Internet dating site and after the honeymoon period (usually a few months to one year) it becomes sexless? This is explained in The Sexless Marriage Fix, published by Basic Health Publishers, and written by myself and Dr. Roberta Morgan.

There are many reasons for a relationship to become sexless and they are all delineated in our book. Here’s a glimpse. There are six reasons relationship become sexless:
1) Personal reasons – things like infidelity; you have financial problems; you don’t like this person anymore for any of a multitude of reasons: they’ve changed physically, emotionally, professionally; personal hygiene issues.
2) Psychological reasons – like depression, anxiety or any of the many psychological infirmities that affect people.
3) Physical reasons – these include things like erectile dysfunction, hypo-active sexual desire disorder, menopause causing painful sex, prostate problems and other general health issues like diabetes and heart disease.
4) Behavioral reasons – in this category we include certain destructive behaviors that tend to creep into relationships as seen in withholding sex, neglecting one’s partner, boredom, being too busy for a relationship and lack of sexual variety.
5) Hormonal reasons – this may be one of the biggest yet overlooked reasons for sexless relationships, and the implications, consequences and remedies will be examined in our book.
6) Combinations reasons – life is often more complex than having one reason for one problem. Usually there are several reasons acting in concert that play into the sexless relationship. For example, you are no longer attracted to your mate as a result of waning hormones and this circumstance makes you depressed further repressing your libido.

Wow! Lots of things going on in that relationship. Interestingly, if hormones are brought back into balance, it may provide the boost in libido that makes sex once again desirable, and now your depression goes away. A lot of bang for the buck if you find the right cause of
the sexless relationship. On the other hand, if you go for counseling in this kind of case, it will do nothing to boost libido and the odds of failure remain high.

Relationships are complex and ever evolving entities and they need nurturing, understanding and communication. It is much easier to let relationships fall apart. Don't fall into that trap.


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