When you were young and dating, this topic never came up. Now that you may be entering into, or just past andropause, and find yourself dating again, there are some important issues to consider. First, if you have a bad case of andropause, you probably have no interest in dating, and that’s a shame.

Andropause just means your testosterone - the main male hormone, is fading as it does with all men in time – some more – some less – some sooner – some later.

Testosterone is what gives you your sex drive, your libido. It helps maintain your heart health as well as your mental health and has much to do with erections (the true meaning of life for many men and women). So you can see this is an important hormone. If the world suddenly had no testosterone, it is the one thing that could make a whore-moan - she'd be out of work!

(Get it? Hormone? Whore-moan!).

Just like with the ladies who enter menopause, the first step is to recognize if you have the condition, and next you have to consider treating it. Of course, if your libido is shot, you have erectile dysfunction and you’re feeling depressed by all of this, you probably have no desire to date anyone let alone have sex. That is why you need to keep your mind and eyes open for these changes and don’t ignore them.

It is much easier to fix hormonal imbalance early rather than later. If you fall too far, you may never have any interest in fixing the problem even though it is fixable - even in later stages if the guy can pick himself up and go for treatment. By the way, it's the same for the ladies.

There is a fear that treatment with testosterone can cause prostate cancer. Recent finding show this to be unlikely. It is the improper use of testosterone that can lead to cancer if you allow the testosterone to convert into female hormones which are more likely the trigger for prostate cancer. This is why it is so important to find a good doctor who understands the intricacies of the treatment and who is willing to see you often enough to monitor your blood chemistry to make sure you are not at risk.

Besides the sex issues of andropause, there are the other effects of low testosterone that cause weight gain, flabbiness, lost motivation, decreased executive skills. Yes, all the things that make you a man are in decline. Is it any wonder they call them, Grumpy old men?

If your weight and body shape bother you a great deal, you may want to consider diet and exercise. Don’t expect that to happen if you are depressed. Even with the most positive attitude, too many years of neglect may make the task seem daunting, but you can fix yourself with proper guidance and motivation.

The other option is to use all of your other attributes to find and make a partner happy while online dating: kindness, and personality. Don’t expect to find an Internet dating Victoria Secret model lookalike having much interest in you if you have become Haystacks Calhoun, a eunuch or Jimmy Carter – unless of course you have a Porsche.

For those of you who are younger and vital, take heed, take care of yourself, or you, too, will become your father and grandfather before your time!

Another bit of important advice: be careful of what you eat!

Much of the beef and chicken available has been injected with estrogen (female hormone) to make them bigger, plumper and more tender. Well guess what? This estrogen exposure is making men bigger, plumper and more tender. It is probably also putting all of us at risk for prostate cancer and the women for breast and ovarian/uterine cancer.

Consider buying and eating organic, grass-fed beef and organic free-range chicken.

Remember what they say: Give me a home where the buffalo roam, and I'll give you a house full of poop! Did you ever wonder who "they" are.


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