We explored the possibility that women have an estrous cycle. In that chapter I boldly stated that women most certainly do have an estrous cycle even though science states that the cycle is associated with female mammals of a lower order than humans. To understand women and estrous you should go back to that chapter.

The next most obvious question is, "Do men have an estrous cycle?" After all, the scientific definition only mentions female mammals. If you examine the facts, men, too, have hormonal cycles that govern their sexual interest and activity. It's just a lot more difficult to identify male estrous as a result of such high levels of desire that men experience until they reach andropause in later life. Because men are so libidinous all the time, noticing cyclic alterations in their desire for sex is often difficult to see.

If you look real close, you'll find that men are actually influenced by a hormonal cycle (estrous) much like women but to a hardly noticeable degree. Men can get moody and not be interested in engaging in sex especially at times like when they are watching a ball game, playing golf or going through near death experiences. But generally speaking, men don't go through such peaks and valleys (cycles) in thier libido as do most women.

At certain times men are actually more horny, if that's even possible. Men who are often considered horn dogs, may get more amorous at times though the times are less cyclic and more related to a generalized buildup of libido probably the result of a buildup of sex hormone a.k.a. testosterone.

A sexually active male who has been without sex will have an increase in libido that grows stronger as each day goes by without sex. Most sexually active younger males will engage in masturbation when a mate is not present. As men grow old and their sexual libido diminishes inline with diminished testosterone production they masturbate less, engage in sex less and less eventually losing interest. There is however a period of time when most old men who have been less sexual will get horny as fading hormones are still capable of building up sufficient levels to get the old geezer interested again. For many older women this can become a burden in that their husbands who have been behaving (not initiating sexual activity) suddenly want to hop in bed and "get it on." This is the time it is easier to see that the male libido is, in fact, cyclic. It may follow no rhythmic cycle but rather every few weeks months or even years he will want to try again. Interestingly, when man's libido is up, he may actually be able to have an erection as the build up of testosterone can make that happen.

How does this come in to play in the dating world? Young people will never be involved with this issue of waning and waxing sexual interest. But older folks may find that it is either a pleasure or a curse all depending on the receptivity of the woman at the later stages of her life.

• Janet (2015/12/15 09:49)

Interestlying (?) Okay, so you referenced this blog in your tinder profile, but it seems to be languishing... I wonder why, since the subject matter should appeal to a huge number of people... widowed after 30 years of marriage; thrown back into the stagnant waters of the dating swamp about 2 1/2 years ago... trying to explain to family that HE died, not ME... and that I'd like to have a real life, not a 20 year memorial service. As far as the waxing and waning of sexual desire goes, I have found that sex at this age (62) is so much more freeing than in my 20s - no worries about pregnancy, no desire to get married again, no need to be financially supported, but definitely looking for that certain something with someone both healthy and intelligent to spend time with and get to know. More than a bootie call, less than a marriage. Tell me where to turn!!

Great post! Where to turn? You sound so together that I think you'll figure it out. Stay in the dating game until you find the right person to fill your desires.

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