This book is dedicated to the iDaters out there. "i" standing for the "Internet" daters who for one reason or another have joined the world of finding a date, mate, lover, or companion on the Internet. The primary purpose is to help you navigate the iDating world successfully. The secondary purpose is to share experiences so we as a community can help others by offering ideas, cautions and advice. So, be ready for some real interesting stories and great ideas to find the perfect mate or to avoid the date from hell!

FYI - The material presented is for the forty and above dating set. You young people, under 40, still have youth on your side. For those under thirty, you have clubbing as an option for meeting dates. Over forty folks aren't that fond of clubs, because we no longer have the hearing of a dauphin, the eyes of an eagle, nor the mobility of a mongoose. That being said, you can understand that meeting people at a club means you can't tell what they really look like in the dim lighting, you can't hear much of what they said, and you look terribly un-cool dancing even though you think you still have it.

Over forty means you are looking for the real qualities of life, like intelligence, truthfulness, honor, dignity and wild sex. Maybe not. It depends on how well you have taken care of yourself. Over forty means you are probably divorced, widowed, or single and set in your ways while still hoping for that perfect Mr. or Ms. Somebody.


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