The definition of eternity from the guys perspective:

"The time from when he has his orgasm to the time she leaves."

The definition of eternity from the gals perspective:

"The time from when he starts begging for sex to the time he realizes you are not in the mood."

I don't think you need this treatise to figure out that men and women are different. However, there are certain differences regarding sexuality, as noted in the above definitions, that are very important. You must understand them when it comes to having a relationship. You can recognize some of these differences in these two poems that make light of the situation.

                      A WOMAN'S POEM

               Before I lay me down to sleep, 
            I pray for a man who's not a creep, 
          One who's handsome, smart and strong. 
                One who loves to listen long, 
            One who thinks before he speaks, 
            One who'll call, not wait for weeks. 
            I pray he's rich and self-employed, 
           And when I spend, won't be annoyed. 
             Pull out my chair and hold my hand. 
            Massage my feet and help me stand. 
              Oh send a king to make me queen. 
             A man who loves to cook and clean. 
                I pray this man will love no other. 
                And relish visits with my mother. 
               A MAN'S POEM

   I pray for a deaf-mute gymnast nymphomaniac
     with big tits who owns a bar on a golf course, 
        and loves to send me fishing and drinking.
doesn't rhyme and I don't give a shit.

I don't mean to be overly simplistic, but the difference between men and women is well stated in these two poems. It's all about the difference between romantic needs and sexual needs. Yes, women need romance and men need sex! Don't tell me that we all need both. Of course we do, however, when you look at priorities, the poems hold up.

Another element of difference between men and women is seen with post-sex activity preferences where the guy is ready to fall asleep after sex and the woman wants to cuddle. Men and women usually have some of each of these traits, but the stereotype predominates.

Generally speaking, women need much more time to feel comfortable with a man before they are willing to have sex and once they get turned on, they need a good amount of time to reach climax and even longer to calm down wanting to cherish the moment for as long as they can by a process sometimes referred to as cuddling a.k.a. snuggling (these two behaviors are similar, however, the difference is in the amount of nesting the nose does upon the guys neck).

Generally speaking, the guys, are ready to rock-and-roll rather fast, don't last very long, and are ready to go to sleep right after they perform their little trick.

These differences account for a great deal of discontent and ultimately failure of many relationships.

It would be wise if both men and women learned a little about the other and used this knowledge to please their mates and thereby forge a stronger relationship.

Here's how it can work to your advantage:

Let's say after the act, your gal wants to snuggle and cuddle and have you hold her in your arms; just be a sport and do it.

I know, after orgasm I'm ready for bed as are most guys. You see, we use up so much energy maintaining that erection that we can't do much more after it's become deflated.

You'd think just the opposite. After all, now that all that blood left the penis it could go back to the other brain and allow us to recite poetry or perform other romantic gestures like cuddling.

For some reason, it doesn't work that way. Instead, we are ready to call it a night.

Understanding this phenomenon should allow you guys to put forth the extra effort to snuggle. You don't have to do this all night.

I mean, in my case, I can only last fifteen minutes before my arm goes numb. At that point, I gently pull my arm back to my side of the bed, and if she is still awake, I politely tell her "my arm is falling asleep, and I want to join it so that all my parts will be synchronized by the morning."

I do suppose if I could perform the sex act for the same fifteen minutes that it takes for my arm to fall asleep, maybe she'd be worn out and want to roll over and go to sleep too.

Now for you ladies.

Since you gals know it may take a bit more effort to get rolling, let him work on you rather than just telling him you're not in the mood tonight. And you know there's a good chance you'll go along for the ride once you get to that place. If you turn him down too many times, he'll eventually start thinking about getting it elsewhere.

And when it comes to the snuggle/cuddle, just go along with us if we are doing our best. Don't expect an hour of cuddling after a two minute exercise in sexual acrobatics. When we tell you we have lost all blood flow to our arms, cut lose and roll over.

Remember, doggy-style shouldn't be ten minutes of us begging and then you rollover and play dead!

• Online Dater (2010/01/08 10:44)
LOL. Such an awesome poem. It was terrific. I love it! :D
• steve (2009/07/29 07:40)
great article.all the information is presented in a fun, easy to digest fashion.
people navigating the i-dating scene sure need all the help they can get.
• diamondgirl (2009/06/24 05:41)
Your defination of a low sex drive for women and high and short sex drive for men seem very generic. I realize that is the standard joke line, however I know the sex drives vary in both sexes at different ages and circumstances.

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