How about tag names, user names or whatever you want to call them? These are the names used to identify each member of the dating site without revealing their real names. When you join, you give the company your details including a username that shows up online. So the first contact you have with others when doing your iDating is when you see their picture and username online while searching for a mate. You need this information when you contact them or to show interest in connecting.

The wrong username is a way to become a turn off without even having anyone look at your picture. Some of the goofiest names can be found posted on line. I suppose everyone is trying their best to be noticed, but you really don’t want to come off as a dork, especially if you happen to be hip and just didn’t think about how stupid your user name sounds.

Names like theoneforu or lookingforthatspecialu or anything that shows what you want or that you are lonely are not cool. How about coolromanticone? If you have to tell them you are cool and romantic, at best you’re not cool.

Would you use wanttobekept or likesdiamonds as a username? I hope not. Gold diggers are usually more intelligent than to reveal their motives so clumsily. Don’t be stupid with your username.

Then there are the names that sound kind of animal like. Some of them are okay, like feline36 or cat woman21, or blue jay11. They offer the kind of image that attracts. Men like feline features and beautiful bird-like associations. On the other hand, you don't want to use animal names that are unattractive. So stay away from animal names that could never do you justice like: chipmunk60 or littlepiggy56 or aardvark17, or elephantlady, or any others that give the impression you might just use that name because you look like that particular animal.  Those names don’t engender a reason to look at your picture.

Men usually don’t understand that macho isn’t the best way to attract a mature, sensitive lady, so they are more prone to use names like gorillaguy2 or allyoop44 or musclehead19. All that’s going to attract are sluts, and loose women who have nothing on their mind other than hard sex. I guess I should mention that my username is apeman69 for that very reason.

You may have noticed many numbers attached to the usernames you see on the Internet. That is because they either have some significance to the person or they needed to add a number to the catchy name they picked because a hundred others already used that catchy name. So if you pick stupidname and ten other people already have that name, you may have to settle for using stupidname11. Of course now that you read this treatise on picking names, you won't be picking a popular name like stupidname.
        Certain numbers work well, like 36 which immediately make men think of firm plump breasts. Yes, I would contact marla36c, yet sally30a has the reverse connotation. I’m not contacting her and I might never find out that she lives in apartment 30A. Choose wisely. Guys should note that adding the number 7,8 9 or 10  to your username (as in 9inchescharlie) doesn’t have the effect you think it will.

Stay away from names that could be used to describe your physical shape if you aren’t in good shape. Pudgeball44 doesn’t get many responses. Chubby, fatso, stringbean and lankylad are not the names to use.

Stay away from names that make you seem old like: busybubby, grandpa89, or goodwithmywalker94. Even if you are 94 and good with your walker that’s not the first impression you want to make. The thirty-something iDaters will pass you by.

Never include your age in your username. Never use any number that may give the impression it has something to do with your age. If you live at 75 Winter Road, it is very easy to have a user name like winter75. However, the first thing one will think of when they see this name is that you must be 75 and in the winter of your life even though that may have nothing to do with your reality.

Just be conscious of what your name may sound like and pick one accordingly. Don’t use letters you think are meaningless that sound like or look like undesirable things. I saw one username, msfsto, and immediately misread it for  miss fatso. The brain plays tricks on us, so if your letters have any negative connotation when read fast, or when you reposition the letters, stay away.

Don’t sound desperate. Lonely67 tells me you are old and lonely, not very appealing, even if you just happen to live at 67 Lonely Lane. Either move or change that silly username. If you aren’t very creative, you can always use your zip code. At least no one will think you are that old: carla95102 unless you add Methuselah to the zip code.

Try manly or sexy names. Just make sure you pick the right one for your gender. Don’t come right out and say sex4sally. That’s too direct. You need to consider more subtle names like kissmenow28. I know you have this temptation to add the number 69 to that one, but don’t.

Some good names for girls include briteyes1, blueeyes1, blondie1, happygirl1, and sunshine. A good guy name is mrgoodbar26. Aren’t all the women looking for him? Mentioning your town is always a good choice if it is sexy: californiagirl6, claiforniaguy9, indianajones34 (that one may be taken) and nevadagirl1 work too. Kaliazoocalvin4 isn’t one you want to use, nor is picadillipatti2.
        I think you are getting the point to picking your username aliases.

You can use your real name in the username and that actually helps to avoid confusion. I was tracking several women who I was interested in, and the usernames were so odd and had nothing to do with anything, that I had trouble making an association with the name and the picture. If you are bev36, and your name is Bev, I can now associate the name and the picture. I’ll be more likely to remember you and give you a call. Bndnga60 means absolutely nothing and it’s real hard to make a mental and visual association, so I’m not calling this one (unless she’s hot in which case all of the rules go right out the window). Of course if your name happens to be Bndnga, I’m terribly sorry that I offended you and I have to figure you live in India so what’s the chance I’ll meet you anyway.

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