When men enter the dating game, they may have a pleasant surprise that many of the women they meet want to actually have a lot of sex.

This is a foreign concept for many previously married men. You see, if they had such women in their lives when they were married, there’s a good chance they wouldn’t get divorced while experiencing this kind of nirvana. There are very few couples who were having mutually great sex and got divorced!
Remember, this appetite for sex found in single women is not universal, but Darwin’s laws are definitely in play. Women who have no interest in sex are not likely found in this pool of Internet dating. If they were in marriages where sex wasn’t important (probably a big contributor to why their marriage failed), and if they are smart, or shall we say cunning, they know that sex is an important part of snagging a new guy.

The interest in sex doesn’t mean these women are going to jump your bones on the first date. To the contrary, many will hold off for a few dates before committing to a physical relationship. This is probably very smart on their part. It eliminates the juvinile guy who is trying to bed as many women as he can as if he were a sophomore in college. It also allows a chance for both of you to decide if you have any feelings for each other.

Usually a guy isn’t going to go back for a more dates if he feels no chemistry even though he may sleep with the woman if she is willing to early on. On the other hand, most women need to have some feelings for the guy before they are going to sleep with him.

How many dates should you need to enter into the physical realm of the dating process?  This is a very personal question that each person has to answer for themselves. There are those who have old fashion values that hold off on sex until they enter into a marriage. The other extreme is sex on the first date.

If you are modern in your values, you can expect to have a sexual encounter of the first kind in two to five dates. This question is explored much more throughly in the post on FIRST SEX, so go there if you haven't already read it.

I have heard about women who hold off for four or five dates before offering a kiss. That kind of behavior could define "frigid." These women can be fun, attractive, and nice (a really good combination of characteristics). You can take your chance with this type of woman and hope she turns out to be great in bed, very experienced, and horny all the time. You just never know.

That brings us to the title of this post. Are All Single Women Horny? Is this "horny" only part of the chase and the eventual abduction of our being into the throws of holy matrimony, or are they really going to be horny in marriage, something that I actually think of as an oxymoron? Others have sex early on in the relationship and then hold off once they are married. Yeah, just what you're looking for.

There are women out there that are really interested in casual sex. I shall term this a sexual encounter of the second kind. If you’ve been paying attention, a few paragraphs back I mentioned sexual encounters of the first kind and it probably went right over your head. The sexual encounter of the first kind is what most would describe as a normal sexual relationship.

Casual sex women are a bit wild. They are usually very experienced and uninhibited. This type of woman, who I shall term a man-eater, is great in bed and will wear out all but the most robust of men. Unless you are Hercules (John Holmes for you porno aficionados), you may not actually be able to see this type of woman too many days in a row, or you’ll literally run out of "juice." Early on, you may actually think you’ve died and gone to heaven, but if you try to keep up with this type of woman, you may actually die and go to heaven.

While all single women in the dating game seem to be horny to some extent, and even discounting the use of sex as a means to marriage, there is the forbidden fruit-honeymoon syndrome at play in the dating scene that may account for much of this horniness.

Often times the iDating women aren't jumping into bed with every guy to come down the pike, so when they find one they like, it is a treat. And with all the societal taboos our generation grew up with, sex with this new guy can be very exciting. Add to this excitement, the fact that dating is for fun, and you have a nice atmosphere for sex. It’s not like your marriage where you have taken each other for granted and sex is relegated to special occasions. After all, in too many marriages, doing the wash and dishes and fixing things around the house takes precedent over passion, sex, and relaxation.



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