Some posts are meant to be short and to the point. However, I realize you need more elaboration on this topic than a simple "yes," so let’s explore the nature of the beast/lecher.

99.99% of all pornography is bought by men. 99.9999% of all prostitution is men procuring women. That should tell you something about the lecherous nature of men. But it is not the whole story by any means. You see that while men are much more physical in relationships, they are also very much more vulnerable to the vagaries of sexuality.

There are several types of men and it is important for you women to determine which one you are dealing with at any particular moment if you want to be successful in your quest for a mate.

Depending upon what you are looking for, you need to know if there is any compatibility in this potential mate. It’s not always easy since some of the traits of each type can be intertwined and hidden under the surface of the actions you see.

If you are looking for a friend/companion and have no interest in sex, you need the same type of guy, and that means you should limit your search to men who are over ninety or dead – just kidding.

There are men who are not interested in sex, but they are very hard (strike hard) very difficult to find, and that’s not a joke. If you think about it, many men who have no interest in sex are usually impotent and fearful of sexual relations. As such, they are not usually looking for dates. That doesn’t mean they aren’t out there; just harder to find.

The fear of sex may be related to health issues for some men who have had bouts with heart disease, prostate problems, or other health concerns that make them fearful of performing or fearful of dying while trying to perform. This thought should be a wakeup call for guys to take better care of themselves when they are young.

One woman related to me how many of the men in Boca are retired, lustful and have Viagra. This is a dangerous combination resulting in obnoxious men who suddenly feel like Zeus and want to go around and wonk every woman they can.

One guy was so bold that on first meeting this woman, he told her he “wanted women to fuck and suck him.” Nice way to start a relationship! That type of guy is fine if all you want is sex. They may even take you out real nice if they have money and aren’t cheap. I don’t want to be judgmental (actually, I do), but in that type of relationship you will not likely be “the one and only” unless you are really hot and offer this narcissist something he can’t get from others.

There are some guys out there that are very dependent on a marriage relationship. They can be caught relatively fast if you hit it off. This type of guy is usually more traditional, value oriented, and is not looking to date fifty women. Once he realizes you’re the one, he’ll pop the question. He will like sex to whatever degree he did before, and you can expect a relatively stable relationship with less likelihood of him straying if you play your cards right (double down on two aces – where aces represent erections in this poker metaphor).

Then there’s the guy who's not ready to settle down because of any of many reasons. If he was jilted in his previous marriage, he may be gun-shy – from shooting his ex. This guy may be afraid to make a commitment. He may have financial issues that make him shy away from another commitment.

Sex could be normal with this guy or it may be difficult for him to perform if his previous marriage had issues that related to badgering, dominance, or having been cheated on. This guy could be vulnerable and if you are nurturing, you may help him back to normalcy.

Performance issues, as noted, keep some men out of the game, others will do the best they can. If you really like a guy, you should be supportive and understand that it is difficult for some men to perform when they just went through such a difficult time. These guys are not lechers and to the contrary they are extremely vulnerable. If you can help them them the confidence they need, they could be very loyal to you.

There are those who don't want to committ because they are having too much fun dating. Years ago, dating wasn't as much fun as it is today. Back then, to have sex you may have had to get married. That's right, in the Dark Ages, sex was taboo and reserved for those who married. And boy, was that a strong drive to get married.

Today, so many women are giving away the milk (that's a metaphorical reference to women being cows for sale: "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free."). I don't think those who dreamt up this saying were carnivors, because they totally disregarded the streaks and chops i.e. they didn't seem interested in the meat.

So, in summary, when you ask if all men are lechers, the answer isn’t really “yes,” just most of them.

• diamond girl (2009/11/09 07:24)
Could it be.....
Women are a bit more intelligent....
Sending men out to buy the pornography or simply get more of a variety from the privacy of their home.
Women do not need to buy a prostitute when they haven't a problem getting the milk for free!!
Thanks for the laughs and you are a bit too young to be part of the dark ages.......

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