We learned about the human papilloma virus (HPV) and how, in certain circumstances, it is transmitted by sexual intercourse and can cause cancer if your immune system can't fight it off.. So what
about kissing? Can such a glorious and pleasurable activity cause cancer?

Before you accuse me of being the Grinch Who Stole Kissmass, let me explain that the HPV virus can be in saliva, and as such, should have the capacity to spread the infection by way of kissing. This has not yet been proven and even if it is so, it is a much more difficult way to transmit the virus, so don’t get in an uproar, but just understand that as science makes new discoveries it is likely that they will figure this one out in time.

It makes perfect sense. After all, the incidence of anal and penile cancers has been on the increase with the increased practice of anal and anal-oral sex, especially in the gay populations, and as such, they now know that these cancers are caused by HPV and must
be recognized as STDs. They have even approved the HPV vaccination for gay men knowing that the problem is affecting them disproportionately.

It is this author’s contention that all cancer is a viral disease, not just the HPV kind. Viruses have the ability to enter cells and mess with their DNA. They take control of the cells causing them to replicate uncontrollably, resulting in unlimited growth – hence cancer.

There have been some rare cases of breast cancers being related to viruses. Even more disconcerting is the identification of MMTV-like viral DNA being identified in human breast tumors (mouse mammary tumor virus). Go to PubMed.gov for an interesting explanation
of the likelihood that breast cancer is a viral disease.

Many years ago a rare leukemia that has a forty year incubation period before it shows up as cancer was identified in Japan. Now, many years later, science has identified a human retro virus (HTLV-1) that is known to cause adult T-cell leukemia.

How long until the world of science identifies more and more viruses that cause cancer. The unusually long incubation periods of some viruses as well as the difficulty in isolating viruses makes the association between virus and cancer so difficult. Researchers are
getting better, and in time we shall likely learn that cancer is a contagious viral disease. Your read it here first!


For more on assorted STDs that you should know about if you are actively dating, check out the various chapters dealing with the many diseases you might come across in your dating world. And good luck. One day you may thank The Grinch Who Saved Your Life!


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