At first you might think the title of this chapter is scintillating so as to catch your attention. Sadly, it’s not. Does dating cause cancer? The short answer is yes. Oh my! This author must be crazy. Well, that is not the case and here’s some proof.

It is well documented that most cases of cervical cancer are caused by HPV (human papilloma virus). This is not fiction. You can look it up and find references everywhere. If you are the intellectual type you may want to do your search on medical and government scientific sites. This is no longer in question. Cervical cancer is actually a sexually transmitted disease (STD). This means that during sexual intercourse, the virus that causes this particular cancer is transmitted from the male penis to the female vagina and finds its way to the cervix where it causes pathological changes to the mucous
membranes that may result in cancer. Do understand that HPV isn’t like a cold virus that lots of people catch and exhibit symptoms within a few days. Your immune system fights off most of these wart viruses (yes, HPV is a wart virus).

If you do get exposed, and can’t fight it off, it usually takes years for the process to advance to the point that you find out that you have cancer. This long incubation period and long time to take its toll are the reasons that it is difficult for medicine to make the determination of cause and effect when they study cancer.

Since viruses have incubation times that can range from days to decades, and once the infection takes hold it can take another number of years to show up, it makes it very difficult to show the association let alone causation..

Using protection (a.k.a. a condom) is probably the best way to avoid this type of cancer other than avoiding sex altogether, or at least avoiding promiscuity that puts you at much more risk than if you limit your number of sexual partners.

STDs are much like Russian roulette. The more times you take a turn, the more chance you have of winning - oops - in Russian roulette you actually lose when you win. So now you should feel better. Just stop screwing around. But when you do, limit your number of partners and use “protection.”

Wouldn’t life be great if it was that simple? It’s not. You see there are many other cancers that may actually be STDs that we haven’t yet recognized.

Twenty-five years ago they didn’t know that HPV CAUSED cervical cancer. Ten years ago the association between oral cancer and HPV was not known, yet today medical science says there is an association, and very likely causation between HPV and oral cancer.

Though researchers haven’t fully committed on the oral cancer issue, they are getting closer. The leading experts already know that HPV is an actual cause of oral cancer, but like much of science, they don’t really want to go out on a limb until they are certain. You can be certain that in the next year or two they will make the announcement that HPV is the major cause of oral cancer. Thus transmitting this cancer by way of oral-sexual activities will be a fact.

Unfortunately the media or the medical establishment seems reluctant to tell the masses that certain sexual activities can cause cancer. We’ve known the cervical cancer connection for years, yet most people (especially women who have a cervix), don’t know or
don’t understand the situation which is why the disease spread so much until the advent of vaccines that help prevent HPV infection.

Interestingly, penile and rectal cancers are becoming much more common within the homosexual community. This, again, is the HPV that is spreading from various sexual practices. When the HPV vaccines first came out, they were only for young girls to prevent cervical cancer. Now they are approved for young gay men. That has to tell you something that the medical doctors are not talking about...yet.

Now that we have established that dating can and does cause cancer, one might be inclined to ask is there any more bad news? In time, science will surly reveal more dangers that lurk in the shadowy corners of genitalia.


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