After all of the gun violence we have going on in America, this may seem like an odd, insensitive topic since many people are calling for gun control. On the surface gun control sounds like a good idea, however, in China they have had mass killings with knives. Ban all
knives in America! If you ever tried to spread cold peanut butter with a spoon, you know that's a poor idea. I remember a gang of thugs beat a young boy to death with bats on the steps of a Philadelphia church a number of years ago. Let's ban all bats in America! Why
we keep harping on controlling the weapons and not the mentally ill is one of the reasons we have not had any successful program to stop the carnage here or anywhere.

When will we say it’s time to control the mentally ill? Because the authorities don’t know where to begin, they never address the root causes of the problem. Maybe if they looked at the influences that act on the brain of mentally defective people and used the simple controls we had fifty years ago we would end the violence or at least keep it to a minimum.

Take the average two year old and monitor his/her development and see all the things influencing him/her and you will see a very typical pattern. From the age of two and forward, children are indoctrinated into a world filled with violence. It can be seen in the movies, television and video games everywhere you turn. Children are encouraged to push, punch, stomp, stab and shoot in so many venues that it has to take a toll. While 99% of us are affected minimally or subliminally, there are those who have one mental
illness or another who take these cues as acceptable behavior.

Fifty years ago we had something in this country called censorship and we didn’t have all of this most horrendous societal violence. Then, like the action of most pendulums, we decided that the First Amendment needed to be interpreted in a manner that would no
longer deprive depraved artists their right to say just about anything.
Now we have so many writers, movie makers, video game developers and song writers trashing our culture and our citizens with unimaginable violence, sadism and antisocial ideas. Well folks, it has taken its toll and we are seeing the fruits of such uncontrolled creations. Yet after every tragedy we never, ever hear a call to censor
those who feed our children a constant barrage of violence. Instead we are distracted by the call to control guns.

Let the debates begin as they do with every tragedy. Let’s talk about gun control and lose site of the real problems. It’s not the weapon folks. It’s the demented perpetrator that we have created using the First Amendment to allow this to happen.

The next time a tragedy like that which takes place in so many places, like schools, let’s just hope a teacher, a visitor, a janitor or someone has a license to carry a fire arm is present and takes out the insane creature before he kills anyone.

If we ban all the guns in the world, how hard will it be for the next nut to fill bottles with gasoline, and toss them into a crowded classroom or movie theater? I sure hope I’m on a date in that theater with a gun totting citizen who takes aim and stops this nut before we see another tragedy.

So if you find out that your date carries a gun, don't freak out, unless you found out while exploring his or her underwear. Discuss the matter. If your date is a cop, no problem. You will be safer on this date than most. If you date is a concerned citizen with a permit to carry a concealed weapon, and is trained in its use, and is not crazy, you should feel safe and appreciate that there are those out there willing to protect us all.

Remember it’s not the weapon we have to blame and control. It’s the mentally ill perpetrator, who we have to blame and control. It’s the media feeding our society with poison we have to blame and control. Let’s stop training our children to become sadistic/violent/homicidal/suicidal robots.


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