At the end of a first date, there is always the dilemma as to how to say goodbye. There are really only four choices: wave, shake hands, hug or kiss. If you wish to get technical, the degree of kiss can add additional choices from kissing the hand, the cheek, the lips, and even the French kiss that involves a cojoining of the tongues. This too shall be addressed so you will be prepared.

Obviously, the decision as to how to say goodbye has much to do with how well you got along on your date. If the person appears to be repulsed by how you look, how you dress and everything you say, the French kiss is out of the question, but most of you know that. In case you still need guidance, in that situation, just wave goodbye. Conversely, if everything went really well, you don’t have to wave goodbye. You pick one of the other options.

The hard part of how to end a date comes when you don’t know how well you hit it off. That’s when you have to make a decision. After all, some people are just being polite and act like they are having a
nice time. If you go in for the kiss, you may find rejection keeping you company on your ride home.

If you really, really hit it off, you may actually find yourself in bed with this person (keep in mind, this is after a Starbucks Frappuccino date, that should find you rather perky in the sack) so the French kiss is an obvious way to say goodbye.

Again, it’s those times you just can’t tell how well it went that will find you searching for the proper way to say goodbye. Here’s the rule of thumb: you can never go wrong with a handshake – caveat: unless you just had sex.

The handshake shows class while revealing nothing. If prevents that embarrassing moment when you go for a hug and the person jumps away with a look of repulsion that is hard to forget, and when experienced repeatedly can result in PTSD.

It can’t hurt to shoot for a little more if you think things went well. Yes, you can try for the hug or the cute little kiss on the cheek. If things went better than well, you can always try for the kiss on the lips. It should be short and sweet. The first date goodbye is not the time for passion kisses unless this is a date with a hooker, former, hooker, gigolo or former gigolo.

Keep in mind; this moment of saying goodbye is a special chance to make a big statement about how you feel. It can make the difference between a call back... or not. If there is no interest in pursuing this person, the wave is all you need to do, unless they put out their
hand in which case you can’t be rude. You shake and say, "It was nice getting to meet you,” and you walk away. If you get a wave, you probably shouldn’t call this person again. If they come in for a hug or a kiss, they are telling you they want to see you again, and you should go for it, if you, too, want to start a relationship.

If you already stated your desire to see this person again, and they agreed, go for the hug or cheek kiss as it is the classy way to say goodbye. This is not to preclude the option for a serious kiss if the chemistry is there. You will probably know if the chemistry is there or
not if they punch you at this stage of the date.

Remember, saying goodbye is the final chance you have to let this person know that you may wish to pursue the relationship. It's a two way street. If you read people well, you'll know what to do.


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