According to a recent Match.com article, "Will She Google You Before a Date?" 38% of singles would cancel a date due to something found while researching their date." The gist of the article was that the guy lost out on his chances with this woman because she Googled him and found out things she didn't like. The author's conclusion (Steve Friedman) was that Googling anyone is sad, and shallow, and betrays a lack of faith in oneself and the divine sweetness of the universe. But let's get real. It can be fun.

This is actually a serious subject and to best answer the question, "Do you research a prospective date?" think about this: Would you like to know if this guy/gal is an axe murderer? We all know the answer to that question. Certainly! While you are not likely to meet axe murderers on Internet dating sites because there aren't enough to go around, you could meet other unsavory characters. If you had the heads-up, you could avoid much grief later in life.

What types of things do you want to know about your date that you may be able to find online? An easy one is their criminal record. You don't want to date a host of ex-cons, like bank robbers, sex offenders and that ilk. There are those who have served time for assault, embezzlement, tax evasion and a multitude of crimes. Don't you think dating a guy who beats up people may have an anger management issue that could affect your relationship? A tax cheat may also cheat on you. How about someone convicted of multiple DUI s? This gal or guy may be an alcoholic whose life will affect yours adversely forever.

It's not snooping for snoop's sake. It's all about protecting yourself. If you wish to go through life believing in the good of humanity, go for it. But if you want a little help in spotting Mr. or Miss. Wrong, you should consider some background check especially since it is so much easier to do with the Internet at your disposal.

We are no longer in Kansa, Toto. There are too many unsavvory characters out there, and you most certainly deserve better than to be in danger when there are simple ways to know a little about your date before the first date.


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