If this topic doesn't peak ones interest, they probably have terrible body odor and just don't get it. For the rest of you... you get some of it. After all, the last thing you want is to have body odor that would surely make your first date your last, unless your date doesn't
have a sense of smell.

Now here's the interesting thing about sense of smell and the true essence of this section. One of the possible reasons for a loss of your sense of smell has to do with the early stages of Alzheimer's disease. Then note that a chemical possibly implicated in Alzheimer's disease is aluminum. Aluminum is the active ingredient in almost all antiperspirants. Those who glanced over this section because it didn't sound all that exciting are missing out. For the rest of you, this information may save your quality of life.

A woman had some memory issues as well as a loss of sense of smell. After going through a host of testing, nothing was found. Her memory continued to falter, but the odd thing about dementia versus Alzheimer's (a serious progressive form of dementia) versus
regular "getting older forgetfulness," is that in the early stages of any of these memory issues it's real difficult to tell one from another.
The best thing we can do to protect ourselves from developing and succumbing to dementia is to follow some of the common preventative remedies, like keeping the mind active. Some suggest doing crossword puzzles, others recommend learning a language or
a new instrument. Proponents of eating healthier and taking vitamins and supplements swear by their benefits. While all of these suggestions may help, there are some other methods we can consider. The topic of dementia is extraordinarily broad, so the focus
here will be on something rather simple... deodorant.

As noted, aluminum may contribute to memory loss (albeit disputed by many researchers), and probably the most common way you get aluminum into your body, and hence your brain, is through the daily use of deodorants. When explained to the woman mentioned earlier, that she should use a non-antiperspirant deodorant, she, like most people, didn't realize there's a difference.

Deodorants cover up odors and slow bacterial growth, but they don't stop perspiration. Antiperspirants, not only cover up odors and reduce bacteria, they have chemicals that inhibit sweating a.k.a. known as perspiring, thus the term antiperspirant. This chemical is
almost always a form of aluminum. Right about now you may want to check out the ingredients of your deodorant.

On a quest to get a non-aluminum containing deodorant, the woman returned with an interesting report. She couldn't find any antiperspirants that didn't contain aluminum. Rather surprised, some research revealed that while men have plenty of non-antiperspirant
deodorants, women do not. Could this be an evil plan conspired by men to make women sedate, non-argumentative and perhaps even more prone to have sex with Neanderthals? Not likely, but it does seem rather odd that women have such few choices of aluminum free deodorants. With some advanced searching at the bottom row in the deodorant aisle of your local drugstore, you may find a few offerings. These are the ones that are mostly made of mineral salts, but even they are often combined with ammonium alum, which is
just another form of aluminum.

When it comes to dating, or just living healthy for those either not dating or married, the use of deodorants is imperative if you don't want to be offensive. However, maybe it's time to look at ingredients and see what you are rubbing into a very blood-vessel-rich
part of your body that may be absorbing toxic chemicals.

Here's an interesting remedy if you ladies can't find aluminum-free antiperspirants, and don't want to use the folksy ones that sometimes don't mask odors and just don't seem to get the job done. Consider buying a deodorant in the men's section. While men, too, have
many aluminum containing antiperspirants, they actually have lots of plain deodorants.
You'll have several choices and just need to find one that's not too masculine, but who knows, maybe that one will attract all the guys.

There are deodorants that are fragrance free and that should do the trick. If you prefer a fragrance to hide odors, go for it. Though Alzheimer's disease and the association with aluminum is the subject here, do note that there is research indicating that aluminum salts contained in antiperspirants can mimic estrogen. As such, aluminum antiperspirants may be a contributing factor in breast cancer as well.

Dating is fun, relationships are better, but being healthy and maintaining your memory is the real name of the game.


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