Something interesting happens when you involve yourself in dating as you age. Actually lots of things interesting happen to you as you age, but that's a story for another time. Suffice it to say dating in youth is much different than dating as you get old, or shall we
say older. While your taste for fine wine, beautiful art and the host of niceties that life offers doesn't decline, your ability to attain some of these things changes dramatically. If you are lucky and prudent, at some point in your getting older stages of life you can attain things like fine art, a corvette, a beautiful young woman (only if you have the corvette) wonderful vacations and more. Of course there are things that in time you may no longer be able to get - like finding your way home from the mall, eating spicy foods and the elusive erection of aging.

Let's get right to the point. Unless you have not planned properly or have perhaps invested with a Madoff-like villain, you can still drink the fine wine and buy your nice clothing. What does change is your choice in dates if you find yourself widowed divorced or just remaining single.

While you still admire the beauty of youth and can appreciate a handsome guy or a stunningly beautiful woman, they are not realistically in your purview. Sure you may be able to attract a "10" with enough money, promise of fame or notoriety, buy will this
mismatched mate really love you? Do you care? You know the answers to these questions.

You see it, at times, where the vixen is on the arm of some old guy and you can't help but think, "I guess he has a lot of money." A lady of wealth and station may also be seen with a young stud by her side, but this is a less common occurrence because women are usually less shallow than men. In either case, you don't first think that they are a mismatched couple because the older one is great in bed.
Most 60 year old folks are not going to attract model-like mates unless they are perusing the dating sites that attract prostitutes and gigolos and the forlorn. Do they exist? Well, yes they do. The selling of sex is one of the most lucrative markets on the Internet and if
that's what you want... Google it.

Assuming you are not looking for love in all the wrong places, it's time to compromise your appreciation for beauty and become realistic. Your date may not be what you want or what you experienced in your youth. And that's okay if you can adjust to this reality.

As an afterthought, take care of yourself while you still can. You never know when you are going to be back in the dating game. Your chance of attracting a nice mate are much easier if you, yourself, look good, have good health and have retained you mind in good
working order. There are so many assaults and challenges to our being as we age that it's only with vigilance and good genes that we survive in basically good shape.

Some hints you surely know but ignore: stop smoking, stop eating so much quantities of food, limit red meat, exercise at least a little, brush your teeth, take showers regularly, avoid fried foods - you get the point. Stay fit and trim and your pool of companions will be in the upper percentile.


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