Dating always starts off in the Garden of Eden. No, you’re not naked and being spied upon by serpents. You are, however, in the throes of ecstasy. You can’t wait to see this person. Conversation is golden and blissful, and the sex is even better than the conversation.
Now wouldn’t it be nice if it could go on like that forever and ever. It could if you were never banished from the Garden. Well, that’s what fairy-tales are made of, not reality.

What happens over time is that the conversation gets a little old. The sex is okay. And, well, you can wait to see them if something important comes up, like a good rerun on late night television.

While it would be nice if complacency, boredom, or lost love where never a component of relationships, the reality is that all too often they do happen. When things go bad in relationship, they usually end. It takes a lot of work to keep things fresh, and if you can and
do master the techniques required you will have a long lasting relationship that may even result in marriage or at least living together.

All too often people are on such good behavior that the real relationship is not known. This is dangerous when the real
relationship finally surfaces after a marriage takes place and eventually ends in divorce.

There are a few simple rules. Keep complaining to a minimum. No one likes to hear complaints even about everyday things and more so about themselves. Always be respectful of your love interest. Show how much you care by little things like a trip to Europe...I mean holding hands; a hug; little kisses (and big ones,too). There are many
ways you can keep your love alive and they don't have to cost anything other than showing that you care... and stop that damn complaining!


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