Once you are situated, having registered with an online dating service, uploaded your photo, provided a nice profile describing how wonderful you are, and having chosen a cool Internet dating name, you are now ready to search for a mate. Keep in mind that if
you are drop dead gorgeous, a.k.a. hot, hot, hot, you may not have time to search for your mate since there will be so many daters emailing you at your dating site address that you won’t have time to search for anyone. Let’s assume you are just "hot" or reasonably
gorgeous or maybe even average. You folks will want to begin your search for Prince Charming or Princess Amazing and there are some rules to follow.

You begin by doing a search to eliminate the thousands of potential mates who really don’t fit with your profile. For example, if you are looking for someone who is fat or thin or of average build, you can put those descriptors into the screening search and find a
bunch of people who fit your desires. You can’t find every characteristic with this search, but it helps a great deal. No one wants to read through thousands of profiles when you can cut that number down by eliminating things you do or don’t want.

Depending upon the dating site you join, you can usually search for smokers or nonsmokers, social drinkers or non-drinkers, various heights, body shapes or weight descriptions, race, religion, location (do they live nearby), hair and eye color, marital status, do they have or want children and a host of other variables. You should spend
much time in your search so that you don’t end up dating someone who is religious if you’re not, likes the great outdoors if you do not and so on.

The next step is to look at the little photos posted next to each profile. This is the chemistry part of the adventure. You will look at hundreds of thumbnail photos that offer a glimpse as to what this person looks like. Keep in mind these photos may be deceptive, however, this usually offers an awesome advantage in finding someone to love. You can often tell in a flash if someone is appealing to you, so no need to read more or make a date with someone if you have no chemistry.

Many of you may declare that it is shallow, immoral and inaccurate to base your search for a mate on a mere thumbnail photo, but let’s face it, we do this in all dating venues. If you are at a bar and someone approaches, in one second you can tell if you have any interest in most cases. Sometimes, it may take two seconds if you had too much to drink.

Obviously, once you find a photo you like, you should read the profile with a fine-tooth comb. It’s not complicated, just look for people who do things you like to do and who have similar wants, needs and desires. If you are looking for a meaningful long term relationship, you should have noted that on your profile. Now find those who want the same long term relationship. If you are looking for raw sex... actually that isn't one of the characteristics usually found in these profiles. However, if you are interested in a relationship devoid of sex use the code words: looking for marriage - just kidding.

Why waste everyone’s time contacting those looking for a pen-pal if you want more? Why date a person not interested in marriage if that's what you want?

Now that you found your perfect match or at least a few perspective mates, it’s time to be bold and take action. Yes, it’s time to contact them.


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