While many daters look for financial security (women more than men), or for domestic security (men more than women), they usually are willing to make a commitment once they find the security. The gold digger is looking for security in the most exaggerated manner.

The gold digger is an opportunist who is looking for the best deal at the moment. An accomplished gold digger will drop you if a better deal shows up. A gold digger is by definition the term associated with women while men looking for financial security are more often described as dirt bags or opportunists.

Gold diggers come in all shapes and looks, however, to be a successful gold digger, the more beautiful the better. Guys with a lot of money and little in the brain department are often looking for trophy girls to hang on their arms. The prettier the woman, the more
money she will be able to attract and extract. The more money he has, the prettier the girl he will be able to attract and shack.

If you really don’t care and are willing to pay for this type of woman, who everyone is thinking, “What is she doing with that nerd?” go for it. Just recognize that if you aren’t vigilant and if she is really slick, you could lose a great deal of your money. Some gold diggers actually have an agenda and timetable: meet, marry, divorce and move on with half of his money. This should be a warning to you that gold diggers are dangerous and need to either be avoided or controlled depending upon your wants, needs and desires.

Many guys fall for the charm and beauty and actually fall in love to the point that they meet all the demands of the gold digger. They get them jewels, vacations, clothing and some even get expense accounts.

Identifying the gold digger is not all that difficult once they try to convince you that there is absolutely no need for a prenuptial agreement when you start talking about marriage. The argument goes like this, “What, don’t you trust me?” Ask Paul McCartney about how this works out.

The gold digger is very impressed with the kind of car you drive, how you vacation and how you dress and dine. After all, she plans on being with you on all of those vacations and she is certain you will want to have her dressing in the same manner as you. Realize
that most women will be impressed with wealth, but the gold digger obsesses on it.

When gold diggers troll the Internet dating sites, they look for men who post their earnings in the highest category ($150,000 plus on many sites). They are not looking for a fellow making $35k to provide them with security unless your photos indicate that you own your own mobile home in a nice trailer park. While you could post that you make $35k to make sure you will meet no gold diggers, you may meet nobody unless they desire to live in abject poverty.

Gold diggers don’t just look at your salary posting. They look at your occupation. If you are a professional, i.e. lawyer, doctor, architect, there is a much better chance you will be contacted by a gold digger than if you are a teacher, or a sales clerk.

There are certain rules of life, fair or not, and one seems to state that pretty women do get the wealthy men. They often know they are beautiful and they use that asset to get what they want. As cruel as that may sound, think about the reverse. A guy is very bright; he starts up an Internet company and makes a fortune. Yes, he, too, used his assets (brain) to get money and sex from a pretty woman just like she uses her looks to get his money.

You have to avoid becoming tainted by the fear of being used. There are really nice people out there not interested in your money, but be cautious. Try to find the good heart over the good looks or good net worth.


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