When dating most people are looking for cool things to do. That makes sense. However, many times they overlook the vast variety of eating establishments that may very well be the entire date. No longer do you have to find a dinner plus the “something else kind of
date” that involves a movie, theater or other similar venue. In actuality, if you fill up your date night with too much to do, you and/or your date may be too tired for a nightcap of rolling under the covers. A date night with too much to do, especially for older married
couples, will often end up with dozing off to the monolog of the tonight show. For way too many people, the sexless marriage revolves around being too busy in all aspects of life, including date night. You don't want to fall into that trap.

Once you decide to do a dinner date, you want to pick something special. A chicken sandwich and a burger at McDonald's may cut it for a quickie lunch, but tonight the entire purpose of the "dinner only" date is so that you don't end up with a quickie. Picking a proper place has much to do with many personal variables, taste being just one.

When going on a dinner date there are certain food choices that don't fit well. For example, you may want to avoid Los Angeles' popular, The Stinking Rose, where garlic is rather popular. It's even in their ice cream. Garlic breathe is not good for a date, even if its with your spouse. Difficult foods that tend to repeat on you should be avoided. Onions are a no, no too, least you have breath that's just as bad as garlic. Dairy intolerance is a big one for many people. Stomach bloating and gas can be rather uncomfortable, especially if you do
manage to get in the sack. When it's just the two of you, its difficult to blame the dog, especially if you don’t have a dog. And forget about the ride home that can become toxic for your date, should a gas leak happen before you even get home. You pretty much know what
does and doesn't agree with you at this point in your life. Don't be a gluten and think it won't happen again...it will.

For an unusual experience, consider a vegan restaurant. Sure, this seems odd, and you can't imagine it being a good place to go, but if you get the right one, it can be golden. Such is the case when you venture out to Crossroads in West Hollywood where chef
Tal Ronnen produces some gastronomic miracles. If it was good enough for Oprah when she did her 21 day cleanse, it is good enough for you. Nothing in this place is made with meat, chicken, fish or any dairy products. That’s what vegan is all about - nothing from
animals. In our world today, there are hormones and antibiotics in too many dishes. This is not the case at Crossroads.

The chicken parmigiana was absolutely... chicken parmigiana. Well, not really, but you’d never know. Likewise with the meat lasagna. This dish seemed to have the creamiest ricotta and mozzarella cheese, but, low and behold, it didn’t. Really hard to believe you
are eating vegan in this place.

The lights are dim so it's difficult to see Paul McCartney, Ringo and Dave Grohl sitting in the corner (all have been to this place) let alone what was on the plate. Maybe that’s the trick. Attract some famous
people and others will come. Power of suggestion. What ever it was, Crossroads is one great place to take a date for a different experience. Don’t forget, there should be no lactose intolerance associated sounds and smells as the night moves forward. Mangia!


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