Dating always starts off in the Garden of Eden. No, you’re not naked being set upon by serpents. You are, however, in the throes of ecstasy. You can’t wait to see this person, conversation is golden and blissful, and the sex is even better than the conversation. Now wouldn’t it be nice if it could go on like that forever and ever. It could if you were never banished from the Garden. Well, that’s what fairy-tales are made of, not reality. What happens over time is that the conversation gets a little old, and the sex is okay and, well, you can wait to see them if ...
It goes without saying that kindness is a requisite necessity in all healthy relationships. In dating, in particular, if you are not kind to your dates they will shrivel and die (the relationship, not your date) - unless you're really good in bed or have a lot of money. Seriously, relationships without kindness are toxic and in time resentment, frustration and hostilities towards one another ride high. To avoid this paucity of kindness you need to be vigilant. It's not like you go from kind to nasty overnight. Nasty begins with frustrations. Your mate forgets something you ...
Years ago there were few people who got divorced. That has changed radically over the years, and there are tons of divorced people looking for dates on Internet sites. The question arises: is it okay, or perhaps, even better to date the divorced person versus the single or widowed person? The next question: how is it possible that so many amazing divorced people exist in this world? Who would ever let these wonderful people get away? When you read the profiles on dating sites, everyone seems, oh so nice. Actually, they seem incredible. Go ahead and read the profiles of all those d ...
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