Most folks looking to date AGAIN are doing so because they have divorced or have become widowed. While as young adults, dating was an ongoing process looking for the right one, now it has become a search for another right one from an entirely different pool of candidates. Back then most of us dated a variety of potential mates until we made our choice. After that commitment, not much was thought about the possibility that we would have to repeat the process. After all, wasn’t it until death do us part? Oh, yes, for some it was death that took us apart. In either case, you now find ...
Forbidden fruit – the formula for perpetual hot/romantic love...or why illicit love affairs and hard-to-get sex are so hot. Exploring a rather odd way to keep it exciting. The all illusive quest for eternal passionate love (a.k.a. endless desire combined with romantic love) may be found by understanding of two concepts: wanting what you can’t have, also known as the forbidden fruit and deprivation - a.k.a. not getting enough of your most precious desires. Interestingly, both of these strong forces governing passion are the basis of illicit love affairs. Think about it: whe ...
To have a serious discussion on dating and not talk about sex means you are not having a serious discussion. Certainly, there are those who, for one reason or another, are either asexual or without libido, and as such, have no interest in sex. For the other four billion folks, let's talk. Dating and sex has a long history if you count Adam going out with Eve on their first date. To limit our discussion, let's go back a mere seventy to eighty years. Dating was much different back then, especially with regard to sexual behaviors. You just weren't likely having sex ...
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