I met a woman from France, of all places. I have never been to France, so as you can imagine, I met her locally. It was a treat, because she had a different set of values and philosophies that were refreshing aside from the fact that she was pretty and sexy. When I told her I was writing about iDating, she told me that she "would never do that" to meet a man. I was rather surprised that anyone would cast aside a means of meeting others without knowing what it’s all about, so I explained. I am sure she is not the only one who shuns this dating medium, so I will present my case for those of ...
"What, pray-tell is GU?"That’s the question I asked an iDater who contacted me. She was from New York; at least a hundred miles away from me.When she indicated interest, I wrote back mentioning that I was looking for someone closer. I left out the part about how I am looking for someone who lives around five or six blocks away. That’s right, you can’t have everything, so I never expect to find someone in the one to four blocks away category.She was kind in her response and noted that she understands how GU relationships can be difficult. "So, what the hell is GU?"After much pondering, ...
Once you get on Internet dating sites you have, in essence, joined a new community. And like the dynamics of real communities, there are some that come into play here, too, in your virtual community. One of the more interesting things I noticed about community was the fact that I was getting to know some people rather well though I never met them and probably never well.While that statement makes no sense, let me explain. All of the iDating sites send you photos of many people who they think will “click” with you based on your profile and that of the person they pick.What happens after ...
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