An interesting thing happens when you turn fifty and sixty; you find that you and some of your contemporaries are much more likely to have experienced diseases that result in deformity and disability than the typical youthful dater and even the thirty and forty year old daters.By the fifties and sixties, there are many women who have had a bout with breast cancer or at least a breast biopsy. Sometimes there are disfiguring consequences.Some of you needed feeding tubes placed for one reason or another and now have abdominal scars. There are certainly many out there with old appendicitis, cae ...
When was the last time you spoke on the phone with your date/lover/spouse/significant other and felt a sexual arousal? If the answer is today or yesterday, you are blessed with passionate love. This is probably the most powerful love whose equivalent would be near that of addictive drugs. Yes,people fight, steal and kill over passionate love. The main point of this post is to understand that passion may be beyond compare and fleeting. There are those who would argue that romantic love, love of children (not in the perverted sense, you pervert), love of friends and family and the love ...
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