Who knows what lurks in the hearts of others? Great philosophical question when you think about the concept of meeting strangers in any venue, but especially when engaged in iDating. Here you are, trying to meet the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and you might even want to trust them with all sorts of personal things, even your money. So you would like someone who is sane. Ironically, in all the profiles I have read of every person on Internet dating services, I have never seen anyone actually state that they were looking for a sane individual. Sure, they al ...
I’m not sure if it is oblivious, deceit or poor judgment, but I just had a woman send me a flirt and when I looked at her profile, she indicated that she is “stunning.” You have to remember, on the dating sites they give you a check list of choices to describe yourself. It goes something like this: Under Looks they can give you these choices – average – good looking – very good looking - stunning. Now with this particular woman, I guess she wasn’t sure what to write since they didn’t have a closer match for her, like zombie, weird, or plain vanilla ugly. It is disconcert ...
People in the "dating stage" don't usually think much about "control issues" with their new mate because they are "in heat" and more concerned with making this person happy so they won't leave. For many married people, years go by and there may be no issues about being controlled, until the impending divorce. Then, the therapist or the close friend decides they were controlled and they embrace this reason as the cause of all the tumult in their lives. I suppose it also helps one get a better divorce settlement if they can convince some family court judge that they were a victim who had bee ...
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