There comes a time when you want to introduce your new date to your friends, parents, siblings or other such people in your life, like your parole officer. One of the first and usually easiest introductions is to acquaint your lover with your friends. It will likely involve a dinner in a place in the hood, because they too don’t want to spend any more time with you than you with them. You, especially, as a dater, want to go home and make love. They as a happily married couple want to go home and watch the Tonight Show and get to sleep. Oh, the benefits of dating! Depending on how much ...
At some point, you may want to introduce your lover to your friends. The more you like your lover, the more the temptation to share the good news with your friends and family. There is also the yenta factor, a.k.a. the busybody factor that involves everyday talking on-and-on about, or asking about things going on in other peoples’ lives. If you have a lover, that subject beats out the mundane things in life and this means your lover's friends already know a lot about you and yours about them. Yes, you probably told your friends and family everything you know about your lover during yo ...
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