You may find yourself away from home and horny. I don’t think e-dating will help you in this regard because older dates aren’t looking to jump into bed without a commitment that includes at least six e-mails, three telephone conversations, an informal meeting for coffee, and a subsequent dinner. That rule applies to most of the women. The guys are looking for a commitment too: just show up. You see, the guys don’t need much of a commitment, so if you women find yourselves away from home and horny, get in touch with a guy on an e-dating service, be very forward and you’ll score. S ...
Cognitive dissonance can be simply defined as a state in which the mind is confused. It actually goes deeper than that, but at this stage in your life you need “simple” because your mind is confused. So let confused define it for us. While on a coffee date, I realized that my eyes drifted toward every attractive woman who happened by. Knowing this is rude behavior, I made a very concerted effort to stop the gazing and completely avoid gawking over these unusually attractive women. There seems to be a rule of love and dating that states there are no attractive mates around when you ...
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