While on a cruise, one of the comedians told a joke that went like this:They say two out of three people are ugly. Now look to your left and right and if you see any one that’s decent looking... you know what that means.Yeah, we all laughed, and I suppose most people were too drunk to get the joke or make the realization that there is much truth to that statistic, unless of course they were from Lake Woebegone, where all the children are above average looking.So what do looks have to do with dating? Very simply, a hell of a lot!Did you ever wonder why you do, or you don’t, get many peop ...
Depending on your psyche, age, looks, the date of separation and a multitude of other factors, you may or may not be ready for love. That’s not quite right. You’re always ready for love; it’s commitment you may not be ready to grasp. That’s not even right as some are not ready for love or commitment; they are just ready for baseless raw sex. No, that too is flawed thinking. The fact is you may or not be ready for any of the above at any particular time, and your wants, needs and desires may vary from time to time. The problem arises when your wants, needs and desires are ...
In the words of John Lennon in a letter to his distraught (?) cousin, he wrote, “Are you lonely..or alone?” There is a world of difference and you have to recognize the difference if you wish to make sensible choices in your dating life.Loneliness can lead some to pick less than ideal partners due to the feelings of desperation and depression often associated with such lonesomeness.Judgments in looking for that perfect mate can be clouded and result in more desperation and depression when you end up with the wrong person.Being alone isn’t all bad especially when you were in an em ...
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