Crabs I know just what you're thinking. This is a post all about taking a date for Joe's Stone Crabs in Miami Beach. Well... you're wrong!Crabs are small wingless (thank G-d) insects also known as pubic lice. That is not a misprint – pubic lice – there is no such thing as public lice. Both men and women can get crabs from sexual contact so I guess, in a way, they are public lice.You can also get crabs from contaminated clothing or bedding as well at some really good seafood restaurants (like Joe's in Miami Beach - stay out of the bathroom). The main symptom is itching of the groin and ...
No one likes to talk about this stuff, so I guess that means I have to be the one.This may be the scariest post on this blog, so if you prefer to be an ostrich, skip ahead.All of you paranoid schizophrenic, hypochondriacs who don’t want to spend the rest of your life suffering from some plague-like disease, should also skip this post and don’t even consider dating. You may want to go for the inflatable doll, and even then, use protection unless you’re sure it’s made from virgin vinyl.I feel sorry for all of us in the dating world. It's a scary and dangerous place. And it's especiall ...
Yes!Some posts are meant to be short and to the point. However, I realize you need more elaboration on this topic than a simple "yes," so let’s explore the nature of the beast/lecher.99.99% of all pornography is bought by men. 99.9999% of all prostitution is men procuring women. That should tell you something about the lecherous nature of men. But it is not the whole story by any means. You see that while men are much more physical in relationships, they are also very much more vulnerable to the vagaries of sexuality.There are several types of men and it is important for you women to ...
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