When men enter the dating game, they may have a pleasant surprise that many of the women they meet want to actually have a lot of sex.This is a foreign concept for many previously married men. You see, if they had such women in their lives when they were married, there’s a good chance they wouldn’t get divorced while experiencing this kind of nirvana. There are very few couples who were having mutually great sex and got divorced! Remember, this appetite for sex found in single women is not universal, but Darwin’s laws are definitely in play. Women who have no interest in sex are no ...
With all the talk about first kisses and first sex, we may have overlooked the need to find the right person to kiss and have sex with. You need to find the person with all the desirable traits you want in a mate.Desirable traits are a personal thing. However there are some universal traits you may want to consider in your new mate. If you have trouble relating to many of these good traits you may just be a poor candidate for a relationship.When you read a well-written profile, you will find all the desirable traits that are supposed to let you find eternal bliss. Since it is my job to guid ...
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