In The Beginning...
...God created man and woman and He said this was good.
What was he thinking?

This site is dedicated to the i-Daters out there. "i" standing for the "Internet" daters who for one reason or another have joined the world of finding a date, mate, lover, or companion on the Internet. We have iPods and iPhones, why not iDaters who go on iDates? Yes, online dating a.k.a. Internet dating a.k.a. iDating is the way to meet people. The future is now.

The primary purpose of this site is to help you navigate and find success in the i-Dating world. Yes, you find yourself in need of dating advice, a how to date guide would be helpful. After all, you want to find true love. You are a man seeking women or a woman seeking men. To be single,divorced or widowed and dating again seems frightening. You are in search of a lasting relationship. You want a love life. You want to find the right person. You came to the right place!

The secondary purpose of this site is to share experiences so we as a community can help each other by offering ideas, cautions and advice. So, get ready for some real interesting stories and great ideas to find the perfect mate or to avoid the date from hell!

How did you get here?
Let me count the ways. You may have never found Mr. or Ms. Right and are still looking. You may have found yourself in the dating pool unexpectedly; like from a divorce or the death of a mate, or you may have experienced the dissolution of a meaningful relationship that had been characterized as a committed relationship. Yes, they left you and you had to be committed - just kidding.

Under Forty?
You young folks (under forty) could learn a thing or two from this material, but your youth dictates that you think you know it all. So you will go to the next trendy site to trudge along and learn from the school of hard knocks. After all, you are in a better place to be dating; your hormones still flow abundantly, there are many more people looking for partners, and you get to pick from the prime group that is not marred by age and wounded hearts that are so much more prevalent as you get older.

Tell Us Your Tale
If you would like to add your story of dating/love/lost love or lust, go ahead and tell by making a comment on the blog.

Just remember that whatever you write may be edited by me; is posted for the world to see; could become included in my book on dating, and you will not share in any royalties. You add to this conversation voluntarily, at your own risk, and without compensation. Because of the personal nature of the subject you may not wish to include your real name or any identifying characteristics, especially if you happen to be dating a goat or any small farm animals. Remember they still have laws against that – I think.

Why Are You Here?
To be connected to another is a basic human need. That's why you are here, unless you are just a friendly voyeur having fun peaking into our lives. Sure there are those who have given up, but if at all possible, most of us would like to find someone to share our lives.

Why Is It So Hard To Get Along?
Another human need is to complain and argue and get upset and to blame – yes there are these and many more traits that we can’t seem to control so well. To share your life with another and to exhibit these less than pleasant traits results in a paradox: who the hell wants to spend a lifetime with that jerk?

The Glue That Keeps Us Together!
So, God, (Mother Nature for you atheists) created the sex drive. This was His/Her way of getting us to put up with all sorts of poop (we will try to refrain from using Carlin’s eight dirty words). This setup presents some difficulties for the over-forty dating set. From the guys point of view, if you can’t or won't have sex with them, then why put up with all the negativity. From the woman's point of view, if you act like an ass, why give any sex.

So, giving guys shit (sorry, I'll be good from now on) or acting like an ass to your gal is why most relationships fail. At best, they are held together by the need for sex and security. This is the glue of relationships

When the Glue Dries Up What Happens?
Of course, once the sex drives of guys or gals diminish. Once the guy is no longer spewing forth testosterone and the gal no longer has her flow of estrogen, they could grow apart, or they may just be interested in cuddling and putting up with poop and ass like behavior.

Is It Sex or Security They Want?
Some women may fall into the category of loving sex just like men. You can easily spot these women. They are the ones buying porno films. Yes, go into any porno shop and you’ll spot them like a fly on rice.

So, now that we established that nymphomaniacs are the minority of women, you may just find that many of the dating women are looking for someone to take care of them, and they are only willing to put up with your poop if you will be a good provider. They will even offer sex in the deal, which you will gladly take only if you can put up with their PMS.

All of this is said in jest. There are many men who are terrible providers and there are many women who are powerhouse providers. There are guys who have limited interest in sex and women who love their sex. Though there is some truth to the stereotypes painted above, the reality is that there are many good people out there. You just have to be careful or you could end up with the wrong stereotype.

Be Smart!
The last thing you want to do is get hurt in a breakup, or get a divorce if the relationship culminates in marriage. Wait, maybe it’s the second divorce… or is it the third? You get the picture. You want to be smarter this time, even if it means holding out for awhile.

So Where Do I Go From Here?
Your first step for instructions on Internet dating will require you to go to the - BLOG by clicking the button above. The BLOG will explain everything you need to know for online, Internet dating. Well, maybe not everything. It skips over "the meaning of life" and other trivialities. You may want to start at the beginning by looking at older BLOG entries in the archeives.

Have fun and good luck in your search for a better tomorrow.

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